Kaufman’s supplies Orange is the New Black with a (very!) last minute overnight order of dozens of thermal undershirts for its production crew to wear outside during an especially cold winter day shooting schedule.

Kaufman’s supplies a wide array of military surplus items to serve as set decoration for a CIA office setting in the upcoming pilot for NBC’s State of Affairs. Included are original Belgium, Finish and Israeli gas masks, a U.S. Army dummy training rifle grenade from the Korean War, a U.S. Army dummy 30 mm training shell from WWII, a current issue U.S. Air Force 35 mm training shell and a variety of genuine U.S. military insignia.

Kaufman’s supplies an urgent overnight order of olive military-style socks and genuine sand color military-issue underwear for the pilot of the upcoming series The Leftovers.

Kaufman’s supplies original U.S. Army UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) first-aid kits as props along with woodland camouflage BDU uniforms to simulate ‘Malian soldiers’ for the pilot of NBC’s Odyssey.

Kaufman’s supplies in record time, on a Saturday afternoon for that evening’s episode of Saturday Night Live, genuine Soviet Army olive wool overcoats and shoulder boards, Soviet era cap badges and East German Army ‘ushankas’ (traditional Warsaw Bloc military headwear) which are worn in a segment of Weekend Update!

Kaufman’s supplies the pilot of NBC’s State of Affairs with an array of used military issue backpacks along with a super rushed overnight order of custom-stamped dog-tags, which are specially produced on the U.S. Army’s latest approved computer-generated dog-tag machine in order to ensure their historically accurate appearance!


Kaufman’s supplies an episode of The Americans with a current issue U.S. Navy Regulation officer’s Dress Blue uniform ensemble that includes: a double breasted black coat with gold American Eagle and anchor buttons and black trousers, four rows of gold sleeve braid and a white service cap with a ‘scrambled egg’ gold bullion visor to denote a captain, a full set of ribbons and a gold Special Warfare (S.E.A.L.) badge.

QUESTION: How many mercenaries does it take to attack the FBI Headquarters in New York during an episode of Blacklist? ANSWER: Apparently, quite a large number and Kaufman’s supplies the series with used black combat fatigue pants, assorted web belts and still more camouflage ‘sniper veils’!

Kaufman’s supplies the HBO series Orange is the New Black with genuine current issue German Army ‘flectarn’ camouflage uniforms. Each set includes a two pocket fatigue shirt, six pocket fatigue pants, hooded parka shell, classic field cap, grey-green tee shirt, canvas combat belt with distinctive pebbled finish buckle and black military style leather boots.

Kaufman’s supplies The Carrie Diaries with U.S. Army ‘Class A’ uniform accessories.

Kaufman’s supplies U.S. Air Force style American Optical® gold frame sunglasses to ABC’s Good Morning America.

Kaufman’s supplies folding cots to Million Second Quiz.

Kaufman’s supplies the premiere of the YouTube Music Awards with military style black jungle boots and Air Force style khaki flight coveralls.

Kaufman’s supplies an episode of the CBS crime drama Person of Interest with a U.S. Army ‘Class A’ green uniform and a U.S. Army ‘Dress Blue’ navy blue uniform.

The number of villains, ‘bad-guys’ and terrorists on Blacklist keeps on growing and so too does the list of black uniform accessories required for them to wear. Kaufman’s supplies the show with assorted black fatigue pants and shirts, new and used black leather combat boots, canvas and leather jungle boots and unusual black and camouflage ‘sniper’ or ‘face’ veils that are pretty off the wall!

Kaufman’s supplies The Americans with a ‘very last minute’ request for a Vietnam War era U.S. Army Class A uniform and insignia for a photo shoot the following day.

Kaufman’s supplies Nurse Jackie with U.S. Army military style olive canvas duffle bags, camouflage backpacks, digital nametapes and stainless steel ‘dog tag’ sets.

Following an exhaustive search by the Costume Department of NBC’s upcoming series Believe for a U.S. Army olive drab wool Eisenhower jacket in a small size, one phone call to Kaufman’s results in their purchasing a WWII original in super condition.

Kaufman’s supplies black army style jungle boots to Elementary.

Kaufman’s supplies a wide array of military fatigue uniforms and boots to Blacklist.

Kaufman’s supplies a number of military props as set design for an episode of White Collar, which includes: used leather combat boots, cases of MRE field rations, a German Army grey/green canvas backpack, U.S. Army olive green steel ammo boxes, a thick heavy grey wool Russian Army blanket and an historically accurate reproduction of a brass cavalry bugle complete with the crossed swords insignia of Custer’s famed 7th Cavalry!

Kaufman’s supplies NBC’s Blacklist with an assortment of American flag lapel pins for use by their ‘FBI Agents’, Vietnam POW bracelets, U.S. Army A.L.I.C.E. and German Army backpacks, a Chinese Army shoulder bag and a period leather and canvas Polish Army medic’s shoulder bag.

Kaufman’s supplies The Americans with a wide assortment of genuine and reproduction Soviet Army medals and insignia.

Kaufman’s supplies Elementary with an assortment of Vietnam ‘Veteran’ military combat uniforms which includes: an M65 olive field coat, olive green jungle jackets and an assortment of Vietnam Veteran pins and patches.


Kaufman’s supplies the CBS police drama Blue Bloods with brand new U.S. Navy Regulation black wool peacoats that are worn by Tom Selleck.

Kaufman’s rents/supplies the NBC series Smash with an original U.S. Army Korean War period two pocket olive drab fatigue shirt from the Kaufman Military Uniform Reference Collection for the purpose of ensuring historical accuracy. Also supplied are black and yellow U.S. ARMY Korean War period embroidered nametapes and military style washed olive cotton tank tops.

Kaufman’s supplies dozens of pairs of Czech Army 1950’s issue olive drab knee-high ribbed boot socks needed to complete the historical appearance of the period Boy Scout uniforms worn in an episode of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Kaufman’s supplies the HBO presentation of Rickover with complete U.S Navy Regulation khaki officer uniforms that include: long sleeve shirts, trousers, belts, black ties, visor caps, black leather navy oxford shoes and all the related rank insignia and specific badges requested.

Kaufman’s supplies Air Force style one-piece black flight coveralls for the background dancers on an episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Kaufman’s supplies a selection of genuine U.S. Navy World War II issue white cotton ‘rates’, the cloth insignia worn on the left sleeve of a sailor’s uniform to denote his rank and specialty, some of which are embroidered 1943 on the reverse side, to Boardwalk Empire for placement on their custom-tailored period sailor costumes.

Kaufman’s supplies an original Russian Army 1980’s issue gas mask and canister to 666 Park Avenue.


KINGS becomes the largest television series Kaufman’s supplies with an extensive array of genuine military uniforms, custom tailored police uniforms and uniform accessories. Kaufman’s supplies the Kingdom of Gilboa with olive green combat shirts, trousers and patrol caps, the Republic of Gath with its distinctive MultiCam camouflage uniforms and rust color berets and the City of Shiloh with its navy blue tailored police uniforms. Included are 100 pair of original U.S. Army ‘speed lace’ boots in super-used condition worn by both armies, olive green tee shirts, nylon pistol belts, ammo pouches, white dress visor caps, white dress belts with rectangular brass belt plates, custom-made black leather accessories and 100’s of insignia of all types!

Kaufman’s supplies HBO’s historical drama Taking Chance with military uniform accessories, grey survival blankets and computer stamped current issue U.S. military Regulation ‘Dog Tags’.


Among the numerous NBC’s Saturday Night Live shows Kaufman’s has supplied in part, the skit in which U.S. Army General Petraeus testifies before Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama stands out for the historically accurate uniforms and insignia worn by the General and his staff.


Kaufman’s supplies HBO’s The Sopranos with an original Soviet Army camouflage uniform.


Kaufman’s supplies Law & Order with military clothing and uniform accessories.


Kaufman’s supplies In the Line of Duty: The FBI Murders with an assortment of woodland camouflage and civilian clothing.


Kaufman’s supplies numerous episodes of HBO’s Vietnam War Story with genuine U.S. Army Vietnam War issue olive green jungle fatigue shirts, trousers, tee shirts, web gear, boots, insignia and military accessories.


Kaufman’s supplies The Equalizer series starring Edward Woodward with military clothing, uniform accessories and insignia.


Kaufman’s supplies the Kojak series starring Telly Savalas with military clothing and uniform accessories.


Kaufman’s supplies the original Batman starring Adam West with original U.S. Government World War II issue Office of Civil Defense (OCD) grey gas masks.


A segment of Naked City is filmed inside Kaufman’s original New York City warehouse on the south-east corner of Grand Street and Broadway.


With the introduction of major sit-coms on television, Kaufman’s supplies Sergeant Ernie Bilko and his platoon on The Phil Silvers Show with original U.S. Army military surplus khaki uniforms from the Korean War.

Present Day

Kaufman’s is often called on- and relied upon (many times at the very last minute!) to supply military uniforms, uniform accessories and military props for Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon.

Other television shows we’ve supplied over the years in alphabetical order include: All My Children, America’s Most Wanted, Captain Kangaroo, Encyclopedia, Late Nite with Conan O’Brien, Loving, Nickelodeon, One Life to Live, Ryan’s Hope, Sesame Street, Special Victims Unit, The History Channel and major Network News stories.


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