Kaufman’s supplies U.S. military regulation-style sunglasses to Paramount’s Jack Ryan.

Kaufman’s supplies Noah with a wide array of genuine military surplus uniforms and heavily used U.S. Army olive drab canvas pup tents.

Kaufman’s supplies a mix of unusual military clothing and military backpacks as props to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Kaufman’s supplies Blood Ties starring Clive Owen with brand new U.S. Navy Regulation black wool peacoats.

Kaufman’s rents/supplies Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight with original U.S. Army Vietnam War issue used olive green jungle fatigue shirts, used jungle pants and used leather combat boots from the Kaufman Military Uniform Reference Collection.

With only days to spare before filming begins, Kaufman’s is contacted by the Costume Department of Jimmy Picard to supply a number of original U.S. Army Korean War 1950’s issue Medical Corps royal blue corduroy bathrobes, which are supplied right on schedule.


Kaufman’s supplies The Dictator with the hundreds of military ribbons as worn on The Dictator’s dress coat, khaki BDU shirts and trousers used for design reference and hundreds of khaki military buttons for the custom tailored khaki uniforms worn in the film.

Kaufman’s rents/supplies the Costume Department of Men in Black III with two extremely rare U.S. Air Force high altitude flight coveralls from the Kaufman Military Uniform Reference Collection. The original military uniforms are examined by the designers for their unusual and intricate detailing prior to constructing the actual costumes used in the film.

Kaufman’s supplies dozens of sets of complete U.S. Army 3-color-desert BDU uniforms, boots and insignia to Allegiance (Working Title: Recalled).

Kaufman’s rents/supplies complete U.S. Army ACU digital camouflage uniforms and boots, custom-embroidered helmet bands and insignia to Reservoir.


Prior to Kaufman’s supplying the military uniforms and uniform accessories worn in Taking Woodstock, which relates the true story of Elliot Tiber’s unusual involvement that facilitated the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, an extensive array of original U.S. Army Vietnam War period field uniforms from the Kaufman Military Uniform Reference Collection is presented to the Costume Designer to examine in order to choose suitable options for the film. Kaufman’s subsequently supplies genuine brand new, never issued, olive green Vietnam Issue jungle fatigue pants and jackets, original full color shoulder sleeve insignia, dozens of period olive green tee shirts and reproduction jungle boots, all of which are meticulously ‘broken down’ and ‘distressed’ at the same time by the film’s Costume Department in order to appear heavily used and to ensure on-screen continuity. Kaufman’s also supplies period military backpacks and canvas shoulder bags as props.


Kaufman’s supplies the rebels in the original Iron Man with their rag-tag military uniforms.


Kaufman’s supplies Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe with genuine U.S. Army olive green wool blankets, black leather military-style combat boots and assorted uniform insignia.

Kaufman’s supplies The Good Shepherd with military naval uniforms and accessories and genuine British Army WWII issue ‘Tommy’ helmets and khaki gas mask bags as props.

Kaufman’s rents/supplies American Gangster starring Denzel Washington with olive green military underwear, uniform accessories and the Vietnam War style olive green jungle boots worn by Denzel himself.


The ‘Casino Bandits’ in the remake of The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau wear black military uniforms supplied by Kaufman’s.


Kaufman’s rents/supplies an original U.S. Army olive green wooden footlocker to The Manchurian Candidate.


Kaufman’s supplies black army style field jackets for A Perfect Murder, starring Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Kaufman’s is called on to supply, in less than two weeks time, a number of extremely scarce original British Army World War II issue desert khaki field uniforms for a new feature production about to begin filming in Italy. The virtually-impossible order is supplied complete and on schedule! As we learn later on, the original uniforms were meticulously copied to ensure their historical accuracy in the sizes required and the reproductions worn by principle actors in The English Patient. The film wins nine Academy Awards, including the Oscar for Best Costume Design!


When the Costumers of Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks, require original U.S. Air Force Vietnam War period sage-green all cotton K2B flight coveralls in a multiple of sizes and they can’t locate any in Hollywood, their first call outside of California is to Kaufman’s in New York City and we supply them.


Kaufman’s supplies dozens of pairs of black military dress shoes, custom-made cadet shoulder boards, gold eagle cap badges and hundreds of ribbons and full-size novelty medals for the elaborate finale parade scene in The Man Without a Face, starring Mel Gibson.


Kaufman’s supplies Scent of a Woman starring Al Pacino with custom-mounted U.S. Army Regulation full size and miniature medals and decorations.


Kaufman’s supplies Prayer of the Rollerboys with Air Force style black MA-1 nylon flight jackets and assorted military clothing.


Kaufman’s supplies a wide array of U.S. Army Vietnam War period combat uniforms and military accessories for Jacob’s Ladder.

Kaufman’s supplies military issue khaki overseas caps (the ‘flat envelope’ style cap) and khaki dress ties to Last Exit to Brooklyn.

Kaufman’s supplies military outerwear to Presumed Innocent starring Harrison Ford.


Kaufman’s supplies original U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War period canvas web gear and Regulation uniform accessories to Born on the Fourth of July starring Tom Cruise.

Kaufman’s supplies original U.S. Army Vietnam War period uniforms and uniform accessories as well as 20 cases of military style rations for the lead actors to eat during their ‘Boot Camp’ training exercise, which has been designed to help them establish the proper mind-set for the filming of Casualties of War.

Kaufman’s supplies Ghostbusters II with military style black leather combat boots.

What begins with a simple phone call to inquire whether Kaufman’s stocks original Vietnam War military surplus uniforms becomes a major film rental with the producers of Jackknife, starring Robert De Niro. Within days of receiving their order, the normal everyday rhythm at our 42nd Street store is disrupted and replaced with a buzz of excitement and activity as it becomes the assembly point for organizing and preparing all the military items required for the film. Hours are spent culling through our extensive stock of used jungle fatigue uniforms to select a choice array in the sizes required. Kaufman’s carefully researches any uniform detail in doubt for the purpose of ensuring historical accuracy. Jackknife’s own Costume Design staff visits the store daily to lend assistance. Hundreds of insignia are chosen and placement is discussed. Last minute snags are addressed. By week’s end we’ve assembled enough military gear to outfit a small army- which as it so happens is exactly what’s required for the film! The rental calls for 40 sets of U.S. Army infantrymen complete (quite literally) from head to toe and four U.S. Army helicopter flight crew. All the original uniforms look fantastic! Each infantry ensemble consists of a used set of olive green jungle fatigues- shirt and trousers, olive jungle boots, olive tee shirt, helmet, reversible camouflage cover and helmet band, flak vest and a full set of used M56 combat equipment, which in turn includes: a canvas pistol belt, suspenders, butt pack, canteen and cover, ammo pouches, dummy grenades, period flashlight and M7 bayonet with scabbard. The helicopter personnel are all outfitted with olive green Nomex flight shirts and trousers, jungle boots, SPH (Sound Protection Helmet) helmets with a single lens visor and original U.S. Army Vietnam War issue dated metal ‘hack’ wrist watches. The HUGE order is completed right on schedule! That’s when everything is carefully inspected and counted for the final time and packed and readied for pick up. Once everything is on its way to the location for filming,Kaufman’s work is done and our store returns to business as usual. It’s been a wonderful experience!

Kaufman’s supplies the distinctive Austrian Army purple and pink pattern military issue camouflage fatigue pants worn by Peter Boyle in The Dream Team.


Kaufman’s supplies Police Academy V with a terrific assortment of original embroidered police patches and insignia.


Kaufman’s supplies Gardens of Stone with a wide array of genuine U.S. Army Vietnam War period military surplus uniforms and accessories, which includes over a 100 pair of carefully selected used olive green cotton four-pocket fatigue pants.


Kaufman’s supplies Club Paradise with complete military issue olive green uniforms, canvas pistol belts and ammo pouches.


Kaufman’s supplies an original U.S. Army white nylon parachute canopy to the Art Department of Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn for use in its publicity campaign.


Kaufman’s supplies The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro with all of its U.S. Army Vietnam War period uniforms and insignia.

Kaufman’s supplies the original Superman: The Movie with U.S. Army olive green fatigue uniforms, which are worn during the missile hi-jacking scene with Larry Hagman and Valerie Perrine.


‘Mr. Kaufman’ personally selects and supplies the original military issue U.S. Army olive green M65 field jacket worn by Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.


Kaufman’s supplies Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight, with a wide range of military clothing.


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