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check_box_1 U.S. Army 45 caliber brown leather single snap ammo pouches, dated 1954, as worn with the M1910 canvas pistol belt, used excellent.

check_box_1 Jolly good! British Army WWII issue and dated small size pea-soup green respirator shoulder bag, brand new.

check_box_1 German Army ‘flectarn’ camouflage backpack, replaced the smaller grey-green version listed in the Worldwide Surplus Section. These are so LARGE that we’re closing them out ONLY for lack of room! Used excellent condition.

check_box_1 U.S. Army Korean War white ‘snow camouflage’ 100% cotton mitten shells, dated, brand new.

check_box_1 U.S. Army M1911 officer’s dress spurs, stamped US, dates back to the days of the U.S. Cavalry! Solid brass ‘left and right’, spurs only, missing the leather straps. Mint condition.

check_box_1 French Foreign Legion khaki cotton berets with brown leather trim, limited quantity, new.

check_box_1 Swiss Army 9′ 100% wool scarf, with damaged edges.

check_box_1 Serbian Army 3-piece gas mask, filter and bag set, used excellent.

check_box_1 U.S. Army Regulation black berets, blue ‘flash’ has been removed, all sizes, brand new. EXTRA LARGE SIZES AVAILABLE!

check_box_1 Swedish Army cold weather jacket liners, assorted sizes, like new.

check_box_1 Swiss Army winter pile cap, blue-green color, used excellent, size medium only.

check_box_1 Small Sizes! U.S. Navy black dress shirts, classic two pocket design with anchor buttons, rayon and wool blend, neck sizes: 12 1/2, 13, 13 1/2, 14, 14 1/2, 15 short sleeve lengths only, brand new.

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