Kaufman’s Rental Preparation Guide


STEP 1: ‘Getting Your Thoughts Together’


Attn: All Film and Costume Arts and Design Students

Before you continue, please read Mr. Kaufman’s
response to a student’s question. (click here).

Now is the time to start researching and assembling
all the information required for your Project.

First ask yourself:

"What do I really need?"

STEP 2: ‘List of Requirements’ will help you decide!


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STEP 2: ‘List of Requirements’


Please copy and paste the following questions
into your initial email to us.

Answer the questions that best apply to your Project:


1.  When or during what year does your Film or Production take place?

Civil War? WWI? WWII? 1950? Vietnam? Present day? Be specific!


2.  What country should the military uniforms represent?

U.S.?  British? German? Russian? Terrorists? Let us know.


3.  Which specific uniform do you require?

Dress uniforms or Fatigue (combat) uniforms? Let us know.


4.  What (solid) color are the uniforms?

Khaki? Olive? Red? Navy Blue? Black? Let us know.


5. If camouflage, which pattern do you require?

Woodland (green/black/brown? Desert (tan)? Digital? If Digital, which one?
U.S. Army ACU? U.S. Marine Corps MARpat Desert or Woodland? Be specific!
We also stock Multi Cam, the U.S. Army’s latest pattern as worn in Afghanistan.


6.  How many uniforms do you require?

One? Two? Five? Let us know.


7.  Do you require full ensembles or only individual pieces?

Only the caps? Only the shirts? Only the trousers?
Or outfitted ‘from head to toe’. Let us know.


8.  What rank is each character?

Private? Sergeant? Colonel? Field Marshal? Let us know.


9.  Do you require any uniform accessories?

Shoulder bags? Backpacks? Belts of some kind? Insignia? Let us know.


10.  Do you require custom stamped ‘Dog Tags’?
Click here for further information

Personalized ‘Dog Tags’ make terrific and memorable Opening Night gifts!


11.  ‘On a scale from 1 to 10’ with 10 being the Top:

How ‘historically accurate’ does your Project have to be?


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STEP 3: ‘Email Us’


Please type ‘Student Rental Inquiry’ in the subject line.
eMail Inforentals@kaufmansarmynavy.com


INCLUDE your Project’s ‘List of Requirements’
as outlined in STEP 2:

Take the time necessary to indicate in complete detail
all the items you’d like to Rent or purchase from us.



INCLUDE your reference material as an attachment:

i.e. a photograph, an illustration, a newspaper article,
a text book reference- something, anything to help us
understand EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

We don’t want to have to guess what you want.
Instead, SHOW us SPECIFICALLY what you want.

The more complete your research, the better we can help you.



INCLUDE all your Actors’ measurements:

Your list should be as complete as possible
so that we can review the sizes you require.

The following measurements
should be included for each Actor:

1. Chest size

2. Overall height to determine whether they require a short, regular or long length

3. Neck and sleeve length

4. Waist and inseam

5. Head measurement, if applicable

6. Shoe/boot size and width, whether regular or wide



INCLUDE the answers to the following six questions:

1. What is your name?

2. What school do you attend?

3. What is the name of your professor/instructor/teacher?

4. When will you require these items?

5. When does your production/film begin?

6. How old are you?*

*Be advised: By Law, a Minor cannot enter into a legally binding contract.
Therefore, if you are a Minor, which is defined as a person younger than 18 years of age, your parent is responsible for signing Kaufman’s Rental Agreement instead and for the payment of the Rental Charge and the Security Deposit.



INCLUDE your phone number and indicate
the best time for us to call you if necessary.


Please note:

We make every effort to reply to all Rental inquiries within 24 hours.

Should you not receive a reply within that period, then please call us.
Phone: 212•757•5670


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STEP 4: ‘Meeting with Us’


If you would like to meet with us, please call ahead
and make an appointment so that we can expect you.

Phone: 212•757•5670




Be advised: Kaufman’s is NOT a library.

Do YOUR own research BEFORE
you arrive and bring it with you.



Time permitting*, we’ll discuss:

1. Your ‘List of Requirements’

2. Your research material

3. Your Actors’ measurements

*Please set aside an hour for our meeting.


Mr. Kaufman says:

"If you have ANY questions at all based on your research, we can discuss them.

So please be sure to make a list of whatever you’d like to ask
so that you don’t forget anything.



To help Kaufman’s expedite the handling of your Rental,
we suggest that you leave a copy of all applicable materials
with us at the end of our meeting.



That’s it!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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